Revolutionizing Skincare for Sensitive Skin! #GONOLO

The Manly Pedi

Read this if you are a woman considering buying this for your man:

This is the perfect gift for him. Because without question, every man needs this! You don't have to wonder for even one second. AND it's the perfect gift for you too. Because no one wants their guy to have nasty feet. Imagine not having to cringe when he comes near you with them. Now imagine actually liking it! It can happen. Really. And secretly, he wants respectable feet too. He's just scared of the process. Now there's nothing to fear (but fear itself, of course!) 

Read this if you are a man that would NEVER even consider getting a pedicure:

Yeah, yeah. We know all about it. Too "girly". But deep down you know those nasty feet are holding you back. No one wants to scare people with their feet. But there's just nothing tough about getting a pedicure. Until now. Our Manly-Pedi gives even the toughest and roughest guys respectable feet. No frills. Just our bad-ass peppermint foot scrub and a foot brush. Put some muscle behind it and scrub them like you mean it. Takes just minutes and you get feet you can be proud of (or at the very least not ashamed of).

Read this if you're a man that would get a pedi every week if you could:

You clearly know the value of keeping your feet in good shape! But damn, it can get expensive, right?! Problem solved. Everything you need for an at-home pedi. So you get beautiful feet AND you can save some cash, which you can then spend on a great pair of new shoes! Talk about winning.

This package includes our incredible peppermint foot scrub and foot brush. 


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