Revolutionizing Skincare for Sensitive Skin! #GONOLO

Cucumber Facial Scrub

The first word that comes to mind when you get a whiff of Simple Sugars, all-natural Cucumber Facial Scrub – is REFRESHING! This scrub contains cucumber extract, our special blend of non-comedogenic oils, and vitamins C and E. Cucumbers contain silica and caffeic acid that improve the complexion and reduce swelling (aka: “puffiness” which is such a cuter term!) This all-natural, facial scrub is more refreshing and tightening than the others and very nice for all skin types especially those with finicky combination skin.

Use twice daily to cleanse, gently exfoliate and thoroughly moisturize.This scrub, like all Simple Sugars scrubs, leaves your skin feeling super soft and smooth so you don't need additional moisturizer. We call it going NO-LO. You'll call it amazing. 

Try it with Emu Oil.


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