Revolutionizing Skincare for Sensitive Skin! #GONOLO

We know it happens. You jump in the shower all ready for a superb home spa experience and you open your jar of Simple Sugars only to find it empty! Talk about a bummer. So, you make a mental note to order some more and then you get busy with work/school/kids/life and two days slip by and then a week and before you know it you’ve got itchy alligator skin on your legs and your face is looking dull.

Well, we’re making it simpler then ever to stay smooth by offering you the chance to get a jar of scrub delivered to you every month. Imagine how psyched you’re gonna be when you open your mailbox and find your new jar of Simple Sugars! Who doesn’t love getting a present, especially every single month?

You can get large jars or small. You can choose between the featured scents, the best sellers, or pick your one very favorite. You get savings. You get convenience. You get uninterrupted smoothness.
Simple huh?

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