Revolutionizing Skincare for Sensitive Skin! #GONOLO

Rose Body Scrub

This one is for all of you romantic types. The scent of roses reminds us of sweethearts, Romeo and Juliet for example, (remember? ” A rose by any other name…”) and candlelit dinners for two. According to the “Complete Aromatherapy Handbook”; rose oil comforts in times of sorrow, dissolves psychological pain, refreshes a sad heart and opens doors to love, friendship and empathy. Now just add all of that to the silky smooth ( dare we say, touchable?) skin you’ll have after using this sumptuous scrub and you’ve got a recipe for a smokin’ hot date. (Note: We do not recommend this scent for you sweet things that are under 18. You should stick with vanilla! :)

All kidding aside, scrub everyday with our all-natural Rose Body Scrub, and get skin softer than a rose petal without ever needing lotion! 

Try it with Emu Oil.


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